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Wait a minute! ! This shop worth a visit.
It is a general thrift store with a reputation for low prices and a wide selection of goods ranging from bags and other brand-name items to furniture, daily necessities, and toys.



For those who think that cheapness is the key to second-hand goods, we recommend MARUYA. There is a general recycle store with a wide selection of goods from bags and other brand-name items to furniture, daily necessities, and toys, and a reputation for low prices!

We buy and sell recycled, used, and new items, and also pick up unwanted items. If you have items you no longer need in your home, office, or store, or if you are moving, we offer a free estimate.

We also offer a service to sort out your belongings. It is important to choose a reliable company for organizing your living and belongings! We can organize your belongings and household goods on behalf of your bereaved family. Please feel free to contact us.

Wide selection of goods from bags and other brand-name items to furniture, household goods, and toys

Free delivery throughout Chikugo

Purchase of disused articles

Door-to-door purchase, free of charge estimate

Estate liquidation

Sorting and organizing of belongings and household goods

About purchase and sales

Products handled

  • Electrical products ・・・Items that have been purchased within the last 5 years and bear the PSE mark.

  • Furniture ・・・・・Organizational chest of drawers, cupboards, shelves for decorating, etc.

  • Cutleries ・・・・Anything is OK.

  • Clothes ・・・・・Clothing must be new, but used kimonos will be accepted.

  • Toys ・・・・・Games, cards, and even miniature cars are acceptable, regardless of age, and character goods are even better!

  • Others ・・・・・Items of antique value, old folk tools, daily necessities, etc.

Handling list (antique dealer permit number) 31384.

  • Home appliances, moving luggage, daily necessities, gifts, toys, and antiques.

  • Fishing tackle, power tools, records, kimonos, streamers, and store-closing items.

  • Car and motorcycle catalogs, audio/visual, DVDs, records, CDs, books, photo albums.

  • Vintage audio, furniture, etc.

  • New and used items for sale at low prices!

Very popular!

  • Clothing 100 yen sales area.

  • All-you-can-stuff tableware for 100 yen per bag.

  • Handmade remade (kasuri/kimono) clothes are also available.


Television purchase and sales


Purchase and sale of washing machines


Purchase and sale of furniture


Purchase and sale of antiques


Tableware purchase and sales


 Organize relics


Contact us

Recycle shop Maruya Kurume Airaku is a second-hand store located in Kurume City. Please feel free to call us if you have any inquiries regarding the purchase of unwanted items, clearance of articles left behind, recycle purchases, or door-to-door purchases.

Recycle shop Maruya Kurume Airaku 

Toll-free number



Business hours / 12:00-19:00

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