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Products handled


What kind of products do you handle?

Electrical appliances, furniture, tableware, clothes, toys, and more, please refer to the "Purchase Guide" for more information.

What should I do if I want to use a second-hand store?

Please call us first. We will visit you for free.

Toll-free number



Business hours / 12:00-19:00


What are the advantages of second-hand stores?

  • A place where you can buy good things cheaply.

  • Satisfaction when you find a bargain.

  • It is interesting to be able to negotiate the price of some items in a private store.

  • Original products from various companies are also popular among collectors.

You may be able to find nostalgic items you longed for back then.

This general second-hand store offers a wide variety of products, including furniture, daily necessities, and toys.Some of these enthusiasts come from far and wide in search of records.The Showa-era retro boom has also helped attract many young people who are looking for antiques and antique furniture for interior decoration.Products are constantly changing, and many are only available at that time. The prices, which are 20-30% lower than other stores, are also attractive, so it would be a waste to pass by!


Organize relics

We are also taking care of the relics. It is important to choose a reliable contractor for sorting out your life and sorting out your belongings. On behalf of the bereaved family, we will separate and organize the relics and household effects.

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